Lake Abanakee

Approximately 4 miles long and ½ mile wide, Lake Abanakee winds around islands with nesting Osprey and Eagles. Beavers live in the quiet coves and Otters can be seen romping along the shores. And there’s nothing quite like the sight of a graceful Blue Herron or the haunting call of the Loon.

Fishing is fun at Locke Harbor. Both large and small mouth Bass are abundant in Lake Abanakee. The plentiful pan-fish population will keep the beginning fisherman interested, while the experienced hand can attempt a larger catch, including the more elusive Northern Pike and Muskies.

Lake Abanakee is exceptionally quiet. Rare is the loud motor boat, though trolling motors are welcome. Paddle enthusiasts will find hours of leisurely touring.

And if neither being in nor on the water is your speed, simply pull up an Adirondack chair and enjoy the lake and mountain views. It’s nothing short of therapeutic.